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If you drive fast on the read those surveillance cameras take a photo of your license plates and then send you ticket to pay for exceeding the speed limit. But you can avoid this by making your license plates invisible. If you want to receive new video hacks, make sure you subscribe to my RSS [...]

Kipkay started for a while to do videos for Makeazine. I haven’t seen any videos produced only by Kipkay for some time. I can say I miss them because they were some kind better and more interesting, I guess… But with this videos he want to demonstrate that the old Kipkay stays the same and [...]

How to make a spy helicopter

Spying tends to be very modern nowadays. After searching a little on the Internet I found a way how to really spy something, in any place you want: with a helicopter! It is easy to make the ‘spying machine’ , but you need to have a helicopter that you can control with a remote control. [...]