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The Best Hydroponics Equipment

There is really a current trend of hydroponics and we hope it carries on growing as it is a great alternative to outside growing. Hydroponics is simply growing plants without soil, but nevertheless using water and nutrients or whatever eventually ends up being chosen. There are tons of helpful nutrients that you can add to [...]

Cool gravitation trick

I wish you a Happy New Year and ALl you whishes to come true! Check out this cool gravitation trick. With two forks, a match and a glass you can make a nice “gravitation machine ” that will make your friends go ” wow”. If you want to receive new video hacks, make sure you [...]

This is interesting. Can you recharge a mobile phone that is almost dead with a piece of paper? The following video shows you could do that. If you want to receive new video hacks, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!

Kipkay started for a while to do videos for Makeazine. I haven’t seen any videos produced only by Kipkay for some time. I can say I miss them because they were some kind better and more interesting, I guess… But with this videos he want to demonstrate that the old Kipkay stays the same and [...]

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