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Easter is very important holiday when children in special and not only, are receiving gifts. The family in the following video made a prank on their children and put him to eat a little rabbit made from cioc?! Would you do this prank? My personal opinion is that it is just stupid! If you want [...]

How to make fake vomit

If you want to make something really gross to make people upchuck this is a nice method. You will need a frying pan, a quarter cup applesauce, a package of unflavored gelatin, a pinch or two of powdered cocoa, a package of instant oatmeal with apple chunks, carrot bits, chunk light tuna, and creamed corn. [...]

Funny microwave owen prank

Did you know that if you put a boiled egg in a microwave owen and let it there to cook for about 1 minute , explodes? Did you know that if you glue the boiled egg in a hidden corner of the microwave owen you can trick someone when tries to cook his meal? I [...]

How to do a burning pen joke

Making pranks on your classmates or friends is very funny. More funny is to video record them while doing the prank. This video will teach you how to do the bruning pen prank. It is very easy to do but you should take care and be sure that there isn’t anything flammable around when doing [...]

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