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How to make a floating candle

Looks so nice in your home. Got to make one If you want to receive new video hacks, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!

Cool gravitation trick

I wish you a Happy New Year and ALl you whishes to come true! Check out this cool gravitation trick. With two forks, a match and a glass you can make a nice “gravitation machine ” that will make your friends go ” wow”. If you want to receive new video hacks, make sure you [...]

How to have lucid dreams

There are a lot of methods on how to have lucid dreams but most of them are requiring lots of money to buy expensive devices. akamakavely created a machine that can make your dreams to be lucid by waking you on short periods of times. What is good is that is extremely cheap to make. [...]

How to make a James Bond laser gun

Probably you have seen some of James Bond’s movies and his laser gun. And probably you wanted one just like that and you didn’t have a place where to buy it from. We can show you how to build one yourself. You need a plastic gun and a blue laser diode. The expensive part ( [...]

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